Module One: Tips for General Strategy

Module One: Tips for General Candy Crush Strategy


Until you become an avid fan of Candy Crush you may struggle to realize that this cutesy game actually requires a great deal of strategy in order to pass each level. In order to beat the game you need to follow a very meticulous style of play and take note of the following tips.


Don’t Try to Rush

The game levels are not always timed, so completing the game is not a race. Apart from any timed levels, the only limitation is the number of moves you are able to make. It is important to take some time to carefully consider the board and only swap the matches which will take you closer to the stated goal of the level. A slow and steady pace will actually be more beneficial to your overall success, because of the method of earning additional lives.

 Plan Your Moves:

Candy Cane is similar to any game of strategy and it is important to plan your moves ahead of time. Swaps are a precious resource, so it is imperative to make each one count. Try to plan and set up as many of the highest possible scoring combinations as possible. This can provide opportunities of special candies which can have greater destructive power than the basic three matches.

If you go for three matches, try to arrange it so that they fall and allow you to get at least two matches per swipe. Cascade falls can provide you with free points and can clear a good part of the board if you plan ahead and get lucky.

Try making matches from lower on the board rather than in the candies above. Clearing our lower candies will create more potential matches higher up when the board refills.

Don’t Use Match Suggestions Automatically:

Like the majority of puzzles and games, Candy Crush will continually highlight possible matches if you take no actions. This feature can sometimes be useful but don’t just use the suggestions automatically. The hints offered may not always have the greatest strategic benefit.

 Don’t Quit Mid-level:

Unless it is unavoidable, try not to quit the game mid-level. If you exit a level where you have made even a single move, you lose a life. It is far better to try to play out the level and learn from any strategic mistakes rather than quit if the level is going downhill. It is also possible to recover a level and manage an unexpected win if you get particular combos of special candies later on.

 Focus on the Goal for Each Level:

It can be very easy to get a little high on the exhilaration of matches and lose track of what will help you to finish the level. You need to focus on each level goal and only make the matches which help you hit this goal. Even if your matches can’t directly help you hit the level goal, you could set up a strategy for better matches or special candies in the next turns.


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